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If the insulation in your home is 12-15 years or older then your home is most likely in need of new insulation.

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When did you last check your home insulation?

If the insulation in your home is 12-15 years or older then your home is most likely in need of new insulation. Depending on its condition, your insulation can either be topped up or fully replaced.

Some ceiling insulation can compress over time, therefore losing its effectiveness and increasing the cost of power consumed, to heat or cool, your home. This can also affect some underfloor insulation, which can sag leaving gaps for air to rise therefore creating draughts in your living areas. Wall insulation can sometimes slump over a period of time due to gravity. This causes gaps in your insulation within your wall cavities.

Cost and Health Benefits of Home Insulation

Did you know that insulation is good for your health? The energy savings and health benefits of re-insulating your home far outweigh the costs of insulation.  A Wellington School of Medicine study found that people in insulated homes had fewer medical and hospital visits for respiratory conditions, and fewer days off work and school, than in an uninsulated home. In a 2006 survey of people living in homes that had been retrofitted with insulation, 38% report health benefits such as reduced incidence of asthma among children.

Insulating your home

Green Dog Insulation always recommends you insulate your home with Terra Lana natural wool insulation. Terra Lana promotes healthier living and provides better energy consumption . However if you wish for a budget option we are happy to insulate with other products.

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