Christchurch Insulation Installers.

We supply and install eco-friendly home insulation including underfloor insulation, ceiling insulation and wall insulation to the Canterbury region. Just call our friendly team at Green Dog.

Christchurch Insulation Installer Supplier of Major Brands Insulation at the Best Price 


Existing Homes Insulation

Is your house cold? may need Top-up Insulation, or Underfloor Insulation, Vapour Barriers,  Find out how we can make your home cozy all year round.

New Home Insulation

Building a new home?  This is the best time to insulate.  Wall insulation batts, Sound Proof certain rooms. Find out more about your options and our products.

Commercial Insulation

We are committed to making our future buildings more energy efficient, Ceiling Insulation, Roof Insulation. Sound Proofing, not only for your home but also for businesses.
Insulation Products Christchurch

Insulation Products

Green Dog Insulation has a wide range of insulation products from Major Brand Names Pink Batts, Brandford, Autex, Terra Lana wool insulation, Earthwool, Tecnobond Insulation

Local Expert Insulation Installation and Supply Experts in Christchurch with 30

Years of Experience 

Installing insulation seems like a simple task when shown been installed on TV but the reality is that you are usually squeezing through the tightest of places getting covered in mud or up in a loft on a baking hot day crawling through rodent droppings and trying not to fall through the ceiling in the process, oh and making sure there are no gaps and having to cut the product for every bit of the install plus underestimating the quantity and having to pop out and get more rolls.

We find a lot of insulation job half done where the house owner has run out of insulation and the enthusiasm to continue. Green Dog Insulation has been in business for 30 years and their experience also helps them select the correct size of Insulation Batts Rolls product and the correct thickness to achieve the best results based on your budget and above all there team of expert installers are acclimatised to crawling through the tightest of spaces in the mud and working in baking hot roofs.

Green Dog Insulation Christchurch

Green Dog Insulation


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Did you know?


•  A third of your heat loss is through your walls

•  12% of heat may escape through your floor

•  35% of heat may escape through your ceiling

•  Not only does insulation warm your home in winter, it also cools your home in summer.

•  Heating and cooling account for 98% of a homes energy use

•  Insulation works by reducing heat flow

•  1 million homes in New Zealand have inadequate insulation

•  You may be able to pay for your insulation by adding it to your mortgage payments