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Wool Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor home insulation from Terra Lana is a wool/polyester laminate specifically designed for the under floor insulation of new and existing suspended floors which is cost effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly.


Its layered composition means it does not sag once fitted, ensuring no air gap forms between the insulation and the floor (gaps dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the insulation).

This unique construction provides a semi rigid product which has superior insulation properties and is easy to install underfloor. Terra Lana's Wool / polyester laminate is faster to install than closed cell foam insulation because it does not require precise cutting for a perfect friction fit. Bear this in mind when you are calculating the total cost of installation. Variances in joist spacing are easily accommodated, something that is difficult with rigid insulation which has to be cut perfectly.

Terra Lana wool underfloor insulation is the only under floor insulation in NZ made from a combination of materials that have been specifically designed for underfloor use. Other manufacturers simply take their ceiling or wall product and market it as being adequate for underfloor use. The problem with this is it likely to either sag or be slow to install.

For more details, click here to look at the 9 advantages of wool insulation and see for yourself why you should be choosing Terra Lana wool insulation for your home.


Specifically designed for underfloor use


Air conditioner, safer and flame retardant


Energy efficient, durable and a noise barrier


Faster and easier to install 


No sagging and will not "pinch off"


We are confident we offer the best product at the best price. Call us today to find out more!


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