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Wall Cavity Insulation

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If your house was built before 1920, the walls of your house might be built with 2 layers and a cavity joining them. We can insulate this space for you to make your home more energy efficient and warmer. Home Insulation has many benefits and can give multiple benefits if done by the experts. This is where Green Dog Insulation comes into the picture with a solution called Cavity Wall Insulation. 

Green Dog Insulation as your Wall Insulation Partner?

You can save money by insulating the walls of your home and as a direct result heat loss, both inside and out, lessens and your home requires less energy for your household.

This means that when you insulate your home with Green Dog, we provide the same quality service, but with the Government discount.

Cavity Wall Insulation is a quick process and generally takes less than a day for the whole process.

Biggest Advantage:

Insulated walls keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and also helps in cutting electricity bills year after year.

Why is the Govt offering assistance?

For every $1.00 spent on insulation, the New Zealand economy saves $7.00 on health and energy benefits.

Who is eligible?

Was your house built before the year 2000? If so, you are likely eligible for a subsidy.

Most home owners (including landlords) are eligible for a 33% EECA subsidy and a NO FEE home loan mortgage top up on insulation.

Need more information?

For details about the available funding for your homes insulation and heating visit this page.

Cavity Wall insulation - Insulated Home

How to check whether Cavity Wall Insulation is suitable for your home:


The external walls are generally unfilled cavity walls


The width of cavity is at least 50 mm


The bricks are in good condition.


Your house is more than 10 years old as most of the newly built houses will already have insulation done


Walls are not accessible to driving rain


Get an expert to analyze the walls current condition.


We stand by our words and will provide best possible home insulation adhering to the NZ safety standards.


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