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Solar Hot Water Heating

We have all of your solar hot water heating needs covered. We use TH Solar systems panels which are state of the art technology that is maintenance free. Using solar to heat your hot water will keep your energy costs down.


Solar water heating is fast becoming the most cost effective way to heat your water. The systems are new and improved, using state of the art technology. They are also another clean heat environmentally sustainable form of energy.


Save $9,000 in just 10 years.

Based on current electricity prices, the average New Zealand household can save over $9,000 in just 10 years by installing a TH Solar water system. We have a TH Solar system to suit your home.

Why buy a TH Solar System?

Key features that set TH Solar systems apart from others:
  • By using a heat pipe system in the tubes, TH Solar collectors are able to provide the ultimate in frost protection for the collector.
  • The use of the heat pipe system means TH Solar collectors can be connected directly to any pressure cylinder.  This is a significant advantage over having to use a heat exchanger within the cylinder as the open loop system transfers heat far more efficiently.
  • Industry wide the accepted collector size for evacuated tubes is 1 tube for each 10 litres of storage.  While different types of reflectors have an impact on heat gain the same general rule applies.
  • For the same price (and in many cases less) TH Solar gives you the best performance.

Solar Panels for solar water heating

Key Benefits:


Save $9,000 in 10 years


The world's most popular system


Warranty on all solar components


Maximum efficiency ensures hot water is available when needed


Variable pump speed control to further enhance system performance


A maintenance free system


We are confident we offer the best product at the best price. Call us today to find out more!


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