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Solar Heating Panels

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Green Dog Insulation has all of your solar hot water heating needs covered. Our Photovoltaic Solar Panels are built using the latest technology which is free from overheads and we offer long term warranty periods.

Solar panel electricity systems are also called solar photovoltaics (PV) and capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells.
The Photovoltaic cells don't require direct sunlight for smooth processing as they can easily generate sufficient electricity even on a cloudy day.  


Solar Water Heating Panels

Capture the power of Solar Energy using these Photovoltaic Solar Panels. These Solar Panels are one of the best renewable power generation methods in New Zealand.

Be up-to-date and use our well designed solar panels.

Things to do before using Solar Heating Panels:

Your home should be properly insulated just for the sole reason that these Solar Panels work best when insulation is done properly.

So, our initial focus will be on the correct home insulation for your needs.

Why buy a Photovoltaic Solar System?

These features make our solar systems rank above our competition.
  • A huge reduction in electricity bills. Sunlight is free for all.
  • You can earn from the electricity generated using our systems i.e. when you have enough electricity the excess can be sold directly to the grid.
  • Solar energy is green energy i.e. it is Renewable source of Energy and doesn't produces harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide.
  • A user may spend around $25,000 for power needs in the next few years. So, getting a Solar System installed in your home will be a long term investment which will start giving instant returns.

Solar Panels for solar water heating

Key Benefits:


Huge reduction in energy bills


The world's best solar system


All system components have a long term warranty


Sunlight energy is free for everyone.


Earn revenue without doing anything


Solar panels are maintenance free with zero costs.


Green Dog Insulation provides Quality products at the minimum possible price. Call us today!


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