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Why Insulate?

Insulating your home will save energy, reduce heating and cooling costs and provide a healthier living environment for you and your family.

An uninsulated or under-insulated house can lose a significant amount of heat through roofs, walls, floors and windows.
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By insulating your home you can capture the heat produced from the sun or generated from your home heating.  Stopping this heat escaping will reduce the likelihood of condensation, mildew and mould – consequently reducing respiratory illnesses and allergies, therefore creating a healthier living environment.

In the summer the insulation will make your home cooler by keeping out the heat.  Insulation helps provide an even home temperature all year round.

Ceiling Insulation

The main area for heat loss is through the ceiling.  Hot air rises so when you turn on your heating you want to retain that valuable heat.  With no insulation installed this heat would escape through the ceiling.  Ceiling insulation works by capturing this warm air in cavities, maintaining the temperature.

Wall Insulation

Walls also lose a significant amount of heat.  The best time to insulate your walls is during the building process.  However, if you are making any alterations to internal walls or external cladding, then insulation can be installed during this process.

Underfloor Insulation

Statistics show that 12%-14% of heat is lost through the floor.  The health and cost impact of this can be much greater.  Installing underfloor insulation in older homes can be extremely beneficial.  As the ground cools down in the cooler months, this cooler air transfers in to the home.  Insulation would act as a barrier, slowing down the air transfer process, therefore trapping the heat inside and keeping your home warmer.

What is the R value?

The R value explains how well a particular product can perform. The bigger the R value, the more the product can withstand the transfer of heat energy. This has become more important as the health benefits of good quality insulation have been better recognised.

There are minimum requirements measured in R value which need to be met and they fluctuate depending on where in the country you live.  It also depends on what materials your home is constructed of.
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