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Earthquake Repairs

As we are a Christchurch owned and operated business, we too understand the hardships, anxieties and uncertainties of rebuilding or repairing your home.

This is why we here at Green Dog Insulation are dedicated to helping you and your family make good things come out of a bad situation. This means that there are benefits to repairing or rebuilding your home, thus giving you the advantage of making it warm and comfortable throughout winter, and cool in summer, by installing new insulation or fixing/replacing existing insulation.

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Insulation can be installed within a number of areas in your home.  These are as follows:

Ceiling/roof repairs

Your roof or the ceiling may have suffered structural damage and therefore may need to be lifted.  This is a great opportunity for our installers to come in and install insulation in your ceiling during this process.

Internal/external wall repairs

Your home may need its external wall cladding or internal wall linings repaired, or replaced due to the vigorous shaking. This is also a prime opportunity for you to upgrade or add insulation into the cavities in your walls.  Your builders will be pulling away the walls, thus leaving them exposed.  This is the time in which our installers can install the insulation, before your builders affix the walls back together.

The shaking can cause some types of insulation to droop within the wall cavity, meaning it will not be working to its fullest potential of maintaining comfortable temperatures in the rooms of your home.  Some types of insulation can be stapled into these wall cavities, which will prevent this from happening in the future.

Liquefaction damage

If your home has suffered flooding or liquefaction under your house it is possible that your insulation is not working to its fullest potential, even after it has dried out.  It is important to remove old insulation that has been damaged as it can be moldy and harmful to your health.  We can remove this for you and install new insulation in the process.
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