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Did You Know

•  A third of your heat loss is through your walls

•  12% of heat may escape through your floor

•  35% of heat may escape through your ceiling

•  Not only does insulation warm your home in winter, it also cools your home in summer.

•  Heating and cooling account for 98% of a homes energy use

•  Insulation works by reducing heat flow

•  1 million homes in New Zealand have inadequate insulation

•  The World Health organization recommends a minimum temperature of 18 degrees in your home. Insulation will assist in maintaining this temperature without costing lots of money in energy bills.

•  The adequate R value level changes depending on where you live in the country

•  You may be able to pay for your insulation by adding it to your mortgage payments

•  The cost of electricity increased by 87% over the last 10 years (Ministry of Economic Development)

•  Families who live in well insulated homes have less visits to the doctor than people who live in non or inadequately insulated homes, based on  Wellington school of Medicine research study (Howden-Chapman, P. et al. "Effect of insulating existing houses on health inequality: cluster randomised study in the community" British Medical Journal, 2007, p.334:460)

•  Many homes built before 1978 don’t have much, if any insulation

•  Heating an insulated home will cost a third of the price than heating an uninsulated home

•  If you have moisture underneath or around the edges of your floor, your house can be musty and damp and can also reduce the effectiveness of your underfloor insulation
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