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Ceiling Insulation

Terra Lana Ceiling Batts

Heat rises therefore having good ceiling insulation makes it easier and cheaper to heat your home. This is relatively easy to be done in houses with accessible roof space.

One of the main advantages of Terra Lana ceiling insulation over other products is its breathability, (ability to absorb moisture resulting in heating a room, or release moisture to cool a room).  As well as making your home cosier and warmer, it is 100% environmentally friendly and beneficial to your health.

Terra Lana's ceiling insulation batting is perfect for retrofitting in older buildings and offers outstanding performance in new structures. Ceiling insulation can be supplied in pre cut slabs but is usually sold in standard width rolls. It can be made to order if non standard dimensions are required.

Ceiling insulation alone won't prevent all heat loss from your home - so don't forget about things like your underfloor insulation and blocking up draughts.
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