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Acoustic Insulation

Terralana accoustic

Wool is not just a great insulator for heat, it also provides very good sound insulation. Terra Lana’s Chatterblock noise insulation works by forcing sound waves that travel through it to bounce off its millions of fibres. Every disruption to the sound wave causes it to lose energy and the sound becomes quieter. Chatterblock significantly reduces the noise entering the building (traffic, machinery, wind) and the noise between rooms (TV, stereo, children, machinery).

Chatterblock acoustic insulation is a mixture of clean, recycled off-cuts from New Zealand textile and carpet manufacturers, with polyester. The polyester helps form a dimensionally stable structure and its denseness enables the insulation to be kept thin enough to fit within internal/ inter tenancy walls.

The advantages of using Chatterblock wool blend acoustic insulation include installation without any protective clothing or masks, insulation that will remove harmful substances from the building atmosphere (e.g the formaldehyde commonly released from furniture, paints and timber treatments) and a product that can be safely composted at the end of the building’s life.

Accoustic Insulation Applications
  • Inter tenancy walls and floors.
  • Residential and commercial buildings.
  • Absorber behind perforated ceiling systems.
  • Acoustic liner for pump and generator enclosures.
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